Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Kid Likes Salad . . !

Every day my children amaze me.
I had no idea that my picky seven year old would like salad.
But she does.
No, she LOVES salad.
She ASKS for salad!
I think if I was to give her a big bowl of lettuce she'd be happy.

Now, I thought that maybe it was the dressing. Or the croutons. Or the bacon bits.
But nope.
Last night, I saw her eat her lettuce PLAIN. I can't even do that!!
When I told her she could eat as much salad as she liked, she got so excited. Her eyes shone.
It was like I'd just handed her a seven layer chocolate fudge cake with extra ganache and a spoon and said "Have at it kiddo"

She likes raw veggies too.
Won't touch them cooked, but she'll eat carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, even potatoes raw.
I have hope. LOTS of hope for my daughter's future health.

Now if I can just get the 14 year old to eat something other than chicken, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese we'll be in business . . .


Michelle Saunderson said...

Both my kids love salad, even when they were little. My daughter though does not like tomatoes in hers and my son is not crazy about cucumbers in his, so if we are out, I see them

Joanna said...

It really is funny what kids find out they like.

My three year old is SUCH a picky eater. She will eat chicken nuggets, french fries...but I could NEVER get that kid to eat veg.

Now, she's found she LOVES broccoli and cauliflower if it's sprinkled with a just a little fat free cheddar. She now asks for broccoli and cauliflower every night..LOL

courtney said...

Yay, Emily!!! My oldest will eat her veggies, and loves salad, but her younger sister and brother scoff at them. My son won't even eat POTATOES. I should look at that as a blessing. Another one the kids refuse to eat is gravy. I say good for them! And mac n' cheese consumption has significantly dwindled since couscous came to town. My step sister feeds her son chicken nuggets and french fries (for EVERY MEAL) because she says "that's all he'll eat". I say, "That's all you'll give him!" I told her 2 weeks at our house and that kid will eat with us or starve! LOL It's more than just food, though...omg...he's turning four 1/31 and he's still in about issues. And, the word "no" is not in her vocab. So when we tell him no, she pulls us aside and says, "He's not used to hearing 'no', so please find another way to talk to him." Oh! And he still sleeps with her! She goes to bed with him every night so he'll "go to sleep". And she wonders why she's so exhausted. ONE KID!!! PLFFFFFFT! We have THREE! No judgment...just flabbergasted, really.

Ana said...

My oldest son would happily eat broccoli every day of his life! I love it when they love veggies :)

Teri said...

Both my girls have always LOVED salad from an early age...... and both of my boys will not touch it with a 10 foot pole. :)

Waisting Time said...

That is awesome! My teen will eat radishes. No other veggies. My older son will eat salad, which means lettuce. But having been in college he is now trying other veggies too.