Monday, January 23, 2012

Tracking Update

One of the things that I vowed to do this time was track everything. Not necessarily to stick to a certain calorie count, but more to keep track of what I'm eating, what I'm not eating and make decisions and changes based on that.

Last week, my sweet best friend bought me a journal to use as a food tracker.

The first few days, I was a rock star. Then I petered out. Then I stopped.
So, I haven't been great as of today.
But that's okay, because today is a new day, so I can start from scratch and keep it moving.

My goal is to hit 270 by February 10 (my birthday).
As of this Friday (January 20) I was at 278.
I have three weeks to lose 8 lbs in order to reach my goal.

Now, let me be perfectly clear.
This is not a HAVE TO.
The scales do not define me.
My world will not cease to turn if I don't make this goal.
This is just something that I have set for myself in order to keep me motivated and on track. It may not be in God's plan  for me to be 270 that quickly. I may hit 272 or 274, and that's okay too. But I'm going to work to hit that goal so that I can at least say that I worked hard for it.

In about three weeks I will be 36 years old.
Weather I make goal or not, I will still weigh less on my birthday than I have for the last five years.
And that's something to celebrate.

God bless you all!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weight Update, And a Question Answered

I was getting frustrated and discouraged because I had gained so much weight over the holidays. But as of this morning, I am back down below 280. 278 to be exact. I was so excited to see that number this morning - that was just the motivation I needed to stay on track.

I've had a lot of people ask me what plan I'm on, am I using any pills or surgery?

The answer is quite simple, really: diet and exercise.

No secret plans, no secret pills, no going under the knife. Just diet and exercise, plain and simple.

A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast: Breakfast flatbread made with one egg, one cup spinach, two slices canadian bacon, 1 foldable flatbread, 1 slice reduced-fat cheese
Post-workout snack: banana
Lunch: Spinach salad with light vinagarette, craisans, almonds, and sliced grilled chicken
PM Snack: Carrots and Almonds
Dinner: roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes
Bedtime Snack: Almonds and Light Beer
Exercise: 45 Minute Pilates workout

Now, there's not a whole lot of carbs in there, but it's not low-carb. There's not a whole lot of sugar, but it's low-sugar. The point is, eat lots of the good stuff (veggies, fruit, meat) and eat the not-so-good things in moderation. And the workout isn't killer either.

I keep a food journal so that I know what I've eaten, and so that I can look back if I have a gain and say "oh, THAT'S why" and figure out what I need to change. It's all about finding what works and sticking with it.

Gimmicks, fads, pills . . . Don't work. Or, at best, they're a temporary solution to a permanent issue. It HAS to be - and I can't stress this enough - a complete lifestyle change.

That's the only thing that will work.

God bless you all!

So, that's it. That's what I'm doing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Made To Crave: "Made for More"

*Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Lysa TurKeurst or Proverbs 31 Ministries. This is my own work using Lysa's book Made to Crave as reference. Thank you - Jennifer.*  

Lately, my Made to Crave study group has been on hiatus. My sweet, amazing mother-in-law, Linda, and my father-in-law, Ray, are on a SANMA mission trip to India. We are so proud of them and are praying every day for their safe return. But until then, MtC is slightly on hold. I didn't realize how much I really needed this group before this, honestly. 

Lately I've been back and forth. I'll have a fantastic day, I'll have a horrible day. I'll have a day that starts off rocking, and ends up stinking. I suppose that's normal for everyone, really. It won't always be sunshine and roses, but then it won't always been wind and rain either.  But sometimes, especially lately, it's discouraging. I'll "give in" then think: "well, I messed THAT up" then proceed to eat the remainder of anything tasty in the house.   I forget one very important little detail. This - this brownie, pop tart, cookie, chip, whatever. THIS is not my purpose in life. God didn't create me for this. He didn't create me to be a poor miserable fat slob sitting on my recliner crying into my lucky charms as I watch The Biggest Loser for the millionth time. No, He didn't. He created me to be an amazing, strong woman for Christ. He created me for His pleasure, for His glory.

As Lysa says in Chapter 4, I am made for more.

I am made to be a wife, mother, friend, daughter, cousin, sister, writer, minister, Child of God.  And in order to be that - the full potential of what God wants from me - I have to learn to ask. I have to learn to ask day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment. In order to reach my full potential, I have to stop focusing on the food, and start focusing on the Lord. 

I am Jennifer, and I am made for more. 
We are all made for more.
We are made to crave God, not food.

God bless you all,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Made to Crave: Having a Journey Partner . . .

*Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Lysa TurKeurst or Proverbs 31 Ministries. This is my own work using Lysa's book Made to Crave as reference. Thank you - Jennifer.* 

fully rely on God

I have tried to make it a point to stay away from certain words . . .
Ahem . . . Diet
I call it a journey instead.
I like to think of this process as kind of a road trip, if you will.
I am on the road to better health and an improved closeness with God.
And, lets face it, road trips are so much better with two.

My "Journey Partner" for the past year has been my best friend - 
We have shared our strengths, weaknesses, struggles and successes.
Laura has been such a value to me through this whole thing, because she can completely empathize with what I'm going through and she has a great ability to be able to push me through when no one else can.
Could I do this without her?
Probably, but I wouldn't want to. 

Alone, I get discouraged and break out the funyun's.
Together, we get discouraged and pray for each other then have a grilled chicken salad.
Alone, I step on the scale and get upset when I gain or don't lose anything.
Together, we remind each other that the purpose of this journey is not about weight, but about God.
Alone, I spend too much on snacks and treats "for the kids".
Together, we help each other avoid that aisle and focus on healthy snacks the entire family can enjoy.

I have another journey partner - my husband. 
He is also there to encourage and guide me when I need it.

And a group of wonderful women at my church: our Made to Crave Girls Bible Study Group.
They are amazing women that I don't know what I would do without.

But beyond Laura, and my husband, and my bible study group . . .
Beyond all that there is one Journey Partner that I have to have, 
One that I have to 100%, fully rely on.
Because, really, this journey is not about me, or weight loss, or my friends or family. This journey is about Him and my relationship with Him. This journey is about me re-focusing all my desire and cravings onto God, not food.

Because we are Made to Crave God, not food.

This week I will be starting a food journal. I won't necessarily be writing down calories or anything like that, but I think that it will be a great tool for me to see what I'm eating and not eating. I would love to hear your personal experiences with food journals! Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think about them!

God bless you all!