Monday, January 23, 2012

Tracking Update

One of the things that I vowed to do this time was track everything. Not necessarily to stick to a certain calorie count, but more to keep track of what I'm eating, what I'm not eating and make decisions and changes based on that.

Last week, my sweet best friend bought me a journal to use as a food tracker.

The first few days, I was a rock star. Then I petered out. Then I stopped.
So, I haven't been great as of today.
But that's okay, because today is a new day, so I can start from scratch and keep it moving.

My goal is to hit 270 by February 10 (my birthday).
As of this Friday (January 20) I was at 278.
I have three weeks to lose 8 lbs in order to reach my goal.

Now, let me be perfectly clear.
This is not a HAVE TO.
The scales do not define me.
My world will not cease to turn if I don't make this goal.
This is just something that I have set for myself in order to keep me motivated and on track. It may not be in God's plan  for me to be 270 that quickly. I may hit 272 or 274, and that's okay too. But I'm going to work to hit that goal so that I can at least say that I worked hard for it.

In about three weeks I will be 36 years old.
Weather I make goal or not, I will still weigh less on my birthday than I have for the last five years.
And that's something to celebrate.

God bless you all!


Kimberly said...

I saw your comment at SITS and your link to your most recent post and I had to take a peak! Tracking food is so difficult sometimes. I recently changed from tracking online using MyFitnessPal to a journal and it has helped. I literally carry the journal everywhere with me. Good luck on your weight loss journey! And I love your positive attitude about your goals.

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