Thursday, July 25, 2013

The More I Learn, The Less I Know . . .

I have said this statement more than any other in my life.
And, can I just say, that sometimes TOO MUCH INFORMATION does more damage than good.
There are so many "eating lifestyles" around now, how can a person tell what they should or should not be eating?
This is a topic I've revisited again, and again.
And I've come to a realization.
Since my surgery, I cannot look at food as a non-surgery person looks at food anymore.
I should have had this figured out a year ago, but I didn't.
You see, a year ago, I was still in the mindset that, after healing, I could go back to eating whatever I wanted, only in smaller amounts.
This is a lie that I was telling myself.
Actually, this is a lie that MY ADDICTION was telling me.

Yes. I am an addict.
I have talked about this before - several times, I'm sure. But it doesn't sting any less for me to say that out loud.
Yep, I had to say it again.

So, here's what I'm learning:

Eating for sleevers is NOT the same as "dieting".
We can no longer be on diets, actually.
We have to eat a certain amount of certain things daily for us to even be able to FUNCTION.
One thing I learned that is NOT a fad diet thing is that the human body requires a certain amount of protein, water, vitamins, and minerals a day in order to function. Without these primary building blocks, our bodies shut down. We become listless, have less energy, and become sick.
Some of what we need:
Protein: 60 g
Water:  64 oz
Calcium: 1000-1200 mg
Iron: 8-18 mg.

There's more, but these are the ones that I found to be the most important to a sleever specifically.
So, what does this mean?
This means we have to eat differently than everyone else on the planet.
Remember when the doctor told you "protein first"?
Yeah. He wasn't joking.
Where are the BEST sources of protein?
Well, here's something else I've learned of the last few days:

The leaner the protein source, the higher the protein count.
Yes. Really.

For example:

1 whole egg contains 6 g of protein.
1 egg white ALSO contains 6 g of protein.
I can eat a whole egg.
I can also eat TWO egg whites.
So, if I chose the egg whites over the egg, that's 12 g protein vs. 6!!

Here's another example:

1 oz of chicken breast contains 9 g of protein
1 oz of thigh meat contains a mere 4 g!
So, I can eat 3 oz of meat (usually) in a setting, so if I chose the breast over the thigh, I can get in about 27 g of protein - almost HALF of what I need!!

But what about fiber? Vitamins? Minerals??

All-natural gurus won't like this much, but:


Take your vitamins - DAILY.
If you need it, add a fiber supplement to your diet.
Yes, these vitamins and minerals are VERY IMPORTANT so PLEASE don't pooh-pooh them off!!

SO, now that this blog post has gone on for MUCH longer than I anticipated . . .
I think it's safe to say that I have learned a LOT over the past year.
And I have figured out that it's time that I start over - again.

Remember, kids:

Protein, water, vitamins.
God bless you all,