Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Wynonna, Why??

I recently saw a commercial that REALLY upset me. A LOT.

I am a HUGE Wynonna Judd fan. I have been ever since I was Emily's size. I love her. When i was younger I wanted to BE her. But I was really disappointed when I saw her beautiful face on a commercial for Alli - a new diet drug.

In my opinion, when you turn to diet pills and/or surgery (Editor's Note: **for those that are MORBIDLY obese, this doesn't apply to you. Just to those that only need to lose 50-70 lbs**), you are saying "I give up" or "I don't want to work for it, I just want to be thin". Regardless of how many people it has "helped" or what their "guidelines are" or even if they are approved by the FDA or not. Bottom line is this. As soon as you are OFF the pills, the weight WILL COME BACK. Your body will become accustomed to the pill, and when you come off it, it won't be able to handle things on it's own. It has been scientifically proven .

I am so sad that Wynonna has fallen into this trap.

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