Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I'm Learning . . .

If you had told me any of the following last year, I would have told you that you were nuts.
But there are a few things I'm learning about myself over the course of this journey . . .

  • Shirts that used to be tight and are now loose are not very flattering.
  • Ditto for swimsuits.
  • Two tablespoons of cream are more than enough for coffee.
  • Egg whites are really good.
  • Quinoa, chicken breast, and squash is an ultimate comfort food.
  • I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.
  • I love the water and I love to swim.
  • One (actual) serving-sized serving of something is MORE than enough to satisfy.
  • Carrots and laughing cow Garlic Herb is the world's greatest snack (and an answer to chips and dip!)
I am still struggling with tracking and measuring EVERYTHING, but I'm getting better. 
I guess, in a sense, I'm following Weight Watcher's "simply filling" without thinking about it.
I still have to count my chips.
I still have to eat ONE brownie instead of five.
But I've learned that I CAN do these things - and now, I do them without thinking about.
It's become automatic.
And that feels pretty good.


Joanna said...

Isn't it amazing at some of the things we discover about ourselves while on a weight loss journey?

Good for you!

courtney said...

I am so FLIPPIN' proud of you, Jen!! You've got this. Don't let up...make it your lifestyle. SO SO PROUD!!!

I need to get my rear to a meeting 'cause I've gained since having surgery (NO exercise - which totally blows), but I'm not too far from where I was...still irritating, but I'll get back down again. Love you!