Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration in Unexpected Places . . .

Recently I and my mom started taking a water aerobics class. We were thinking we'd get a great workout without any impact. Well we were right about the low-impact - but this was no-impact and no-intensity!! NOT what someone in need of a workout for weight loss needs.

Enter Linda ...
Linda was our substitute instructor today. Linda, who's classes we overlooked because we thought they'd be too much for us. Amazing wonderful Linda that worked us out today until our bodies screamed and we began to SWEAT - yes! Sweat!! In a POOL!! My heart rate went up, my muscles ached, my body screamed in Yiddish (didn't even know my body KNEW Yiddish!!).
THIS was what I wanted out of a water aerobics class!!
THIS was what I NEEDED!
Then my mom and I started talking to Linda.
She once weighed over 400 lbs.
She lost over 200 lbs. on Weight Watchers and doing water aerobics - which is EXACTLY what I'm doing.
I was hooked.
Needless to say . . . My mom and I have decided to switch to Linda's evening workout classes.
I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful relationship and that I may have found my "mentor" in Linda.
I am so excited and hopeful.
God is blessing me!!

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Jill Alvarez said...

It's so nice that your mom is doing the classes with you. Water Aerobics sounds pretty fun. :o)