Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Water?

Most people go on a diet and the decide to stop drinking regular soda and make the switch to diet. I am guilty of this myself. But I have realized that soda may not be the way to go. Of course one or two during the course of the day should be fine, but all day long . . . notsomuch.

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of people that detest water. They don't like the colorless, flavorless properties of it. They believe it to be "boring". But what they don't know (or maybe they do, and just chose to ignore it) is the fact that water is one of the keys to weight loss!

Why is this? Well, for several reasons.

First and foremost, our bodies are made up of over 70% water. That means that the majority of our body mass is good old H2O. Throughout our day we lose quite a bit - up to 20% depending on activity. We NEED to replace that. Soda is thirst quenching for the moment, but don't do much for hydration in the long run. Only water can replace water, and soda is more carbonation and high fructose corn syrup than water.

Second, water is fat free, calorie free, sodium free, and carbonation free. Soda has the possibility of promoting stomach ulcers, kidney stones, and, according to one report, could possible be linked to osteoporosis. You'll never find water being accused of this.

Water was the first thing God created when he made the Earth (Genesis 1:2) - it was already there before even night and day. He put it here to nourish His earth, His creatures, and His children!

If you think water is boring or just doesn't taste good, try mixing it with citrus fruit, melon, or cucumber to add flavor. You can also drink sugar-free non-carbonated beverages such as Crystal Light, but drink these in the same moderation as soda - sugar substitutes can also be bad for you in large quantities!

So, next time you get thirsty, try reaching for a nice cold bottle of refreshing, clear, sparkling, calorie free water. In fact, I think I'm going to do just that right now.


Debby said...

Thanks for following my blog. I'm following you now too. And I think you are just what I needed to stay motivated. I have about ten pounds to get rid of and sometimes get a little lazy about it.

And I am so glad to see someone else supporting water. I love the stuff!

SuperMom Blues said...

Debby - Oh, I have quite a bit more than 10 lbs, LOL, but thank you! This has been a long journey for me. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Big Fat Mama said...

This is a great post! I love drinking cold water throughout the day! I actually know someone who lost over 10 pounds just by eliminating coke from her diet! Great reminder!

courtney said...

This is so true! WW promotes water like crazy and I find I prefer it over diet soda now. But I need it to be COLD. Like ICE COLD, but I will drink it like a nut if it is. We have a water cooler at work and drink it all day long now that we're all doing WW together. My mom, my step dad and myself have lost almost 100 pounds (combined) since 4/26/10. I go for my weigh-in and meeting today -- wish me luck! :) Great post, Jen!

SuperMom Blues said...

Big Fat Mama - I have done that myself. But then I went right back on them. LOL. I haven't gotten them out completely, but I do make sure I get my 8 glasses of water in along with it!

Court - I'm with you. I will only drink it room temp if I'm singing (cold water constricts the vocal chords), but otherwise it has to be COLD! By the way, I am so proud of you! You've been working your tail off! You'll do great today! Love ya!

courtney said...

Love you, too, hun. I think everyone should give Weight Watchers a shot, seriously. I haven't felt this good since I lost the entire 67 pounds I gained in my first pregnancy (only to get pregnant AGAIN a year after I lost it! And then another three months after my 2nd child was born....yikes! And YES, I used "birth control". Those pills were a joke to my body.)