Monday, July 26, 2010

My Wii and Me

I haven't used my Wii in over three months.
That would be MARCH since my last workout!
I could not believe it had been that long.

So I got on it this morning.
I did thirty minutes of yoga, boxing, step training, and my favorite - the ski jump.
I burned over my goal today too.
Exciting stuff.

Then I realized something . . .
In my day, I actually have enough time to do TWO of these thirty minute workouts and burn what my ACTUAL goal should be - 300 calories a day.

Now, the problem is the willpower.

This is where I need God's help.
I just don't have it.
I don't understand why.
I had enough willpower to quit smoking.
I have enough to get up early every morning and read my bible.
I have enough to get up and get my house in order.
But I don't seem to have it for this.
Why is that?

So everyday, I plan to pray for the willpower to do this. EVERY DAY.
I know that God will help me to fulfill His plan for me.
I just have to learn to rely on Him a little more, and myself a little less.


Leslie said...

You can do anything through Him!!!
You go girl!!! I plan to start sharing my weight loss experiences online after I have this baby - maybe we can support and pray for each other. :)

Emmy said...

It is so easy to just depend on ourselves to do things, when that is the absolute worst way. Yes, just trust, pray for help and turn it over! You can do it.
I think I need to pray for the same thing... I have no desire to work out but really need to myself.

Prissy Mum said...

I am a new follower. I understand where you are coming from. I have added willpower to lose weight to my prayer list.

I blog about my quest to be closer to Christ and 140lbs. :) at: check it out. Advice is welcomed.