Friday, September 19, 2008

10 down, 80 to go!

It has taken over a month, but I have FINALLY reached my 10 lb goal!! I am so excited! The thing is, I haven't been perfect with my eating and exercising - I know if I had been, I would have reached it quicker. But the fact remains that I'm obviously doing SOMETHING right, otherwise, I wouldn't have lost ANYTHING. Worse yet, I would have gained instead.

Now Ronnie, well he's lost 13 total.
But I think it's a guy thing.
Besides, I've lost more inches than he has, so I can't complain.

But I have reached my first goal.
My next goal is another 10 lbs. to bring the total to 20.
Then 30. Then 40. Then 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90. Then I will complete my final goal at 100 lbs lost. Whew. It seems like a long time coming. I know it can be done. I KNOW it can. After all. The first ten are the hardest . . . so they say.

But I'll leave the final total for next year.
For now, I focus on my next goal weight.

280 lbs.
Ten more pounds.



Nena said...

WTG on the first ten pounds, lady! I remember my first ten, it felt awesome! I'm determined to reach my next goal within the next week or so; you can, too!

Keep it up!

Shelly said...

You are doing so great Jen! WTG!

ShelbyLinn said...

GO YOU is right! Good job!!