Thursday, December 18, 2008


I wasn't dieting for a while - There was a lot of stress in our house for a while. While that's no excuse, sometimes it's cheaper to buy the bad stuff than the good stuff . . . so there you have it. And counting points and calories when you are stressed just doesn't help the stress level. So we put it aside.

I am no longer doing weight watchers. Not because I didn't love it - I did - but because I can no longer afford it. Although, I do have the "tools" - a journal, points calculator, couple of books, cookbooks . . . so I think I can do it on my own for a while. I do have a support system here, so I think I'll be okay.

That being said, I did maintain my weight loss, so I start over again exactly 11 pounds lighter than I was when I began the journey. That's a score for me. So now that the holidays and the new year is upon us, I have a few commitments to make.

Now I can say with full honesty that I WILL make cookies, and that I WILL eat a few - well maybe more than a few. But really, that's nothing compared to the crap I have been eating.

Everyone says that a good starting point is "positive affirmations". Well, it has been my experience that most of those are pretty hokey, so I made up a few of my own!

I will only buy Canadian bacon for myself. Everyone else can have sausage or bacon. I like the leaner stuff anyways.

Veggies are my friend, and there are some good winter ones out there that I love anyway!

Scrambled eggs with peas and mushrooms are actually pretty good - and I get a veggie in that way. Now all I have to do is omit some of the yolks and I'm good to go!

Counting calories suck. I just need to watch what I'm putting into my mouth - I've known this for years, now it's time to practice it.

Exercise isn't going to kill me. NOT exercising WILL.

I can do this. I KNOW I can do this.

It's not about being THIN it's about being HEALTHY.


Nena said...

FYI - is a great free alternative to WW. That's what I've been using, and I love it. It will even give you a nutritional analysis of your day to let you know if your meals are balanced.

Nena said...

I messed up the link. Let me try again.

Nena said...

Okay. I can't get it to work. Sorry. Just type it in...