Friday, June 15, 2012

Jen's WLS Journey ES. 02

Here's Part 2 in my WLS Journey.
Today I talk a little bit about the non-health WHYS
and ...
(be afraid. be. very. afraid.)


Courtney said...

Jen - SO PROUD OF YOU! You are so brave, so strong, so WONDERFUL. I hope you get exactly what are you hoping for in your WLJ. I have done some back sliding since my back surgery, and the displacement with the flood kept us out of our home, eating whatever the hotel provided and on weekends - LORDY - we ate out. A lot. Time to get serious again. I hope to follow you on your journey and be a cheerleader for you - as you have been for me!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...


I know this might be in the wrong spot but I can't find out where to post this. I'm an Encopresis survivor (I personally had it, undiagnosed), from birth til I was 15 years old. I too started a blog (, I'm also on Twitter (@naturegirl015) and on Facebook (, I also have a youtube account ( I live in Australia, and am in the process of writing a book of not only my experiences with enco but with information and support for parents who want to know what it's like or things that could help your child. I too agree about no actual info available of the psychological trauma that can develop from enco including low self esteem, low self confidence, lack in social confidence and no friends. You child will feel so alone, so she needs to know that I'm here for her. I'm 25 years old, and single (forever been single). I suffered so much not only in bullying at school but also at home and punishments, etc..all because no one knew what was going on, and no one believed me when I said I haven't had an "accident" (no phsycial sensations, if did it was minimal, and couldn't smell it). I can't go through what I have and NOT help them. They need a role model/inspiration..someone to look up to who has also gone through it and willing to talk about it. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm here if you need me (can e-mail me at: just mention your blog so I know). Take care and be strong,

Dimity (naturegirl015)

Steph said...

Jen, you had contacted me regarding your encopresis issues, but I saw you are a WLS patient. I had the lap band surgery done over 2 years ago and I have a blog that is all about my journey. I have 3 friends who have all had the sleeve, so i would be happy to send you their blog links as well. Feel free to email me at