Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekly Update: SO CLOSE!!!

Well I've actually lost more weight this last week than I expected too, since last week was Valentine's week and I ate CRAP all week (cookies, chocolate, fast food, etc.). And here's the kicker: 

Say WHUUUUUUT???????
This week's weigh in puts me at 204!!

Seriously, the DAY I hit "ONEderland"  I am going to CRY!

Now this is something I'll never understand:
I try my hardest day after day to "eat clean" and get stalled. BIG time.
Or I lose MAYBE a pound, if even that much.
The one week I "let myself go" and eat junk food more, I lose??

What's up with THAT??

Well, I DO have a theory:
Calorie counts.

You see, sometimes, we need to RAISE our calories in order to lose weight or break a stall (I know, I know, it sounds really weird and confusing and kind of like it might be dipped in BS a bit, but bear with me).

Here's why:
Our bodies sometimes get in a "rut". In other words, our systems get used to eating a certain way and then get "relaxed". 

It's kind of like a romantic relationship. The first few months are a whirlwind of excitement as we get to know our new partners and our relationship. Then, eventually, we get to a point of comfort. We know that this relationship is IT for us and we're in it for the long haul. We start to do things that we wouldn't do otherwise because we're no longer in it to impress someone. We stop wearing makeup on a regular basis, show up in our jeans and t-shirts, and let ourselves settle into soft, cozy warmth and comfort of the heart.
Believe it or not, weight loss is very similar.

The first few months of an eating plan you will lose - a LOT. For many people, the majority of their weight lost weather it be from WLS or a food lifestyle will be in the first 6 months. For example: I had 140 lbs to lose at the start of this journey. Over the past 6 months I have lost 89 lbs. That's over HALF of my excess body weight. I now only have 51 lbs to lose - and that may take another 6 months to a year to get off. Why? Because I've reached that "comfort zone".

My body knows that THIS eating lifestyle is IT for the long haul. So I've started slowing down on my weight loss (I'm sure the fact that I have less to lose factors in there too!). 

When a stall happens within the first three to four months, it's normal and natural - our bodies have to catch up with our weight loss.
But after six months, we slow down and it's no longer a stall. I like to call it a "rut". 
Changing up your eating for a week or two helps raise your metabolism back up and lets the weight loss kick back into gear.

Most doctors and nutritionists recommend raising your calorie count for something like this. Which works GREAT when you're a person with a normal-sized stomach.
But for us WLS patients, there is only one way to get a raise in calorie counts . . .

So this week has been a lot of breakfast burritos, tater tots, chips, candy, cookies . . .
I actually wasn't even THINKING about my weight!! 

But looking back, I realized my calorie count went from about 950-1100 to almost 1500! That slight raise in calories is what jumped my weight loss back into gear!

Now am I going to eat like this all the time again?
NO WAY - THAT'S what got me here in the first place!!!
I am back on my clean-eating regime this week - low carb and high protein. 
But it's nice to know that if I DO crave a homemade chocolate chip cookie every now and again that it's not going to kill me. 
How'd YOUR week go?


Lisa said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the 3 pounds! Awesome! So tell us how exciting it is to be so close to Onederland...!!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the fantastic weight loss! I’ve definitely found that it helps to change up your eating habits every once in a while. It’s just like a workout routine, if you do the same thing all the time, it’s not going to work anymore. Keep up the good work…less than five pounds to ONEderland!

Joyce aka Dixie Peninger said...

You are doing fantastic and I can soooo relate with what you are saying!!! Thank you for the info and keep up the great work!!! :D