Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!! So, how did I do on my menu from last week? Some days better than others to be honest.

Monday I stuck with it pretty well - I did not eat the snacks though because I just wasn't hungry.
Tuesday was kind of a bust day - I found out the true meaning of the term "slider foods" - popcorn, goldfish, crackers . . . Not good for me.
Wednesday I went to the hospital to be with my mom as she underwent surgery to switch from the lap-band to the vertical sleeve, and hubby and I were baaaaaaad. We went to Long John Silver's (now to our credit - we NEVER, EVER eat fast food. EVER. This was a one-time-only treat and one that we won't be doing again for a while!)
Thursday I did a little better - I ended up eating lunch with my friends (it was healthy!) which was a lot of fun!
Friday the hubbs and I visited my sister and went to eat chinese food. I had won ton soup and a couple of egg rolls (and a mushroom. oh, and a bite of my husband's crab rangoon). I was actually pretty surprised that I could eat that much to tell you the truth!
Saturday ended up being a snack day - lots of cheese and grapes from Central Market (OMG - the BEST grapes on the PLANET!!)
Sunday was also a snacky kind of day - again lots of cheese, nuts and grapes (I kinda like days like that!!)

This week's menu is actually really simple. I will be doing a technique called the pouch test. The basics are this:
Days 1&2 Liquid Protein (full liquid diet)
Day 3 Soft Protein (mushies/pureed foods)
Day 4 Firm Protein (soft foods)
Day 5 Solid Protein (regular diet)

So this weeks menu will look like this:

Monday: Protein Shakes, water, crystal light/mio, pureed bean soups, pureed chili, etc.
Tuesday: Same as Monday
Wednesday: soft eggs, tuna, yogurt, cottage cheese
Thursday: hard boiled eggs, baked/grilled fish/shrimp, cheese, ground beef patties
Friday: Eggs, chicken (gonna try it!), steak, cheese, etc.

The reason I am doing this is because here lately I kind of feel like I'm eating too much. I know for sure I've discovered slider foods, and I don't want to get in the habit of eating these things on a regular basis. I think I may do this technique once every three months or so just to keep myself on track!

I will do an update on my You Tube page, so don't forget to visit me there!

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