Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snuck a peek at the scale . . .

Okay, so weigh in isn't until Saturday morning, but I snuck a peek this morning to see how I'm doing and I couldn't be happier!! I won't reveal the numbers here, because I really don't want to jinx it, but I am excited and hopeful.

On the WW site there are message boards. Now, let me tell you for some of them you have to have a pretty thick skin and a good sense of humor! Thank God I have both. But there are a few things that people will ask that really even make ME cringe . . . One of these things has to do with something that I have been passionate about for years - children's eating habits. So for today's post, I thought I would delve into a subject that is no stranger to me, and thus shouldn't be a stranger to any of you that are my regular readers . . .

(enter meancing "dum dum DUUMMMMM" here)

i hate school lunches

Not because they're gross, although I'm sure "fajita chicken enchiladas" is REALLY unappitizing to a seven year old, but because of the nutritional value (or lack thereof) included in these meals.

For the elementary school the menu for the month looks like this. Notice the chicken nuggets, the hot dogs, the pizza, the steak fingers . . . and a lot of which is served with "gravy and a roll". And look at the veggie selections: mashed potatoes, green beans,corn, baked beans . . . Now from a kids perspective, I'm excited about these lunches. Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and gravy is still one of my all time favorites. But the fat, the cholesterol, the sodium . . . Really?? You are REALLY giving my kids this??

The Jr. High is even worse. They have the same things on the elementary menu, except they also have the "a la cart" line in which they can chose to have things like chicken strips, popcorn chicken, cheeseburgers, pizza, french fries . . . daily.

Not so long ago celebrity chef Jamie Oliver started a "food revolution" in schools. I think it's time we take matters into our own hands, so to speak.

In a nutshell, don't let your kids buy school lunch.

I don't.
I haven't in over a year (unless it's a special occasion, or I'm running late - my kids have bought their lunch twice in a month).
My kids get in their lunches:

Juice or water
a sandwich made with 100% whole wheat bread, lean ham, 2% cheese and mustard or low-fat salad dressing.
yogurt or applesauce
baked chips
a piece of fruit or a veggie

And they LOVE it.
It's not very creative, I'll admit, but it's a darn sight better than what they'd be eating at school!

If you're a parent with your kids in school, I urge you to try sending them lunches to school. Buy them a really cool lunch bag or box, and let them help chose (would you prefer apple sauce or a tangerine?) what they would like to put in their lunch box. Their health will improve, and you'll have piece of mind about their nutrition!

Here's to being losers in 2011!


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Beyond Willpower said...

Hey I totally agree, I am happily childfree but I have a serious issue with the rise of obesity, especially in children.

Apparently they are required by law to provide at least 650-750 (or so?) calories, and if they give healthier options they can't meet that goal.

Also, they are reimbursed for meeting that goal or something. I watched something about it on the documentary "killer at large" which is my second fave docu, right behind 'food, inc'. Check it out if you haven't, big piece on childhood obesity and school lunches, and interviews with 'the militant lunchlady'. haha. She's awesome.

I agree, don't pay for that crap and maybe they will change their tune!