Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where was that saddle again?

So, did I accomplish my goals last week? Well . . . no. But I DID improve! Which, for me, kinda says a lot.

Lose two pounds? Nope. Didnt' even lose one.
Exercise twice? Not twice, I did once, though.
Two bottles of water every day? Does sugar free tea count?
Read lables and measure? Uh . . . no. Well, I read labels.

Am I disappointed? Well, okay, maybe a little bit. But I am also proud. Why? Well, first of all, I DID exercise one day. That is something I haven't done in months. Also, I have cut down on my diet coke consumption considerably. Rather than drinking it all day, every day, I have limited myself to one a day. And stuck to it! So, in the darkness there is still a shimmering light.

So, my goals for this week?

Lose 2 lbs.
Exercise 2 x's this week
2 bottles of water every day
Read labels and THINK about measuring.

By the way, my future sister-in-law, Daniella? She's going to be my inspiration. She lost SIX pounds last week! That means I have a little catching up to do, doesn't it?

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