Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holy Shart, Batman!

So, you're walking around, minding your own business, doing your thing. 
Suddenly you feel a bubbling in your tummy and slight pressure you know where. 
So you look around to see if anyone's around watching 
(you wouldn't want to embarrass anyone, lest of all yourself) 
and decide to let 'er rip. 
Then you realize something. Something horrifying. 
That gas you just passed . . . wasn't gas! 
There goes not embarrassing anyone!

If you understand what just happened there, congratulations, 
you're now an official memeber of the Shart Club! 
If you have no clue what a shart is, then you haven't experienced one. 
Trust me when I say they're not fun.

The thing is, this phenomenon is a part of the life of a person that has had WLS. 
That goes for by-pass, lab-band, sleeve, duodenal switch . . . 
EVERYONE goes through it at some point in time or another. 
The lucky ones know what's coming and make it to the restroom in time. 
But the rest of us
. . . yeeeeaaah . . .

So how many times has this happened to me? 
Um . . . Never . . . Yeah, that's it. 
I've NEVER had THAT problem 
*crossing fingers behind my back whistling a jaunty tune* . . .

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