Friday, June 18, 2010

Being a loser feels great!

I have a love-hate relationship with the scale. I go down a pound or two, I LOVE it. Go up or stay the same, I LOATHE it. I have to make sure that I keep the positive relationship going with my scale because, lets face it, it's not the SCALE'S fault I messed up. 

I really paid attention to my eating this week. I stayed, on average, around 2000 calories a day. It doesn't sound like much to some people, but I weigh 290 - oops, sorry, that's 289 now! That's a LOT of extra weight, and it's going to take baby steps in order to lose it. The 2000 calories is the first baby step for me. The second is drinking water. I haven't quite gotten up to 8 cups yet, but I'm doing better. My third step, which will start next week, will be weighing and measuring my food. I have a scale and a wonderful set of measuring cups for just that purpose. 

I am proud of what I've accomplished. Yes, it's only a pound. But that one pound is HUGE in my book!


courtney said...

Yay, Jen!!! I hear's not easy, but it isn't the scale's fault when we don't lose. :( Doing WW's has been so easy for me so far. I'm feeling better in my clothes and looking better, too. I noticed this week, for the first time, my SHADOW even looked smaller...that's huge to me! Keep it up, woman! Drink that totally works!

Quasi-Eloquent Mom said...

You better believe one pound is great! The fact that you are so aware of it is half the battle.