Friday, May 14, 2010


I gained a pound this week.

I know that for most people that's not necessarily a big deal. And I probably need to look at it a little differently - this has been a "hormonal week" and I've had a little stress on me this week. But those are just excuses.

Looking back at my food journal for the week, trying to figure it all out I noticed a trend. In the afternoons, I get bored. When that happens, I tend to forget to listen to my signals and just eat out of boredom because I have the "munchies". So I guess what that means for me now is that I need to find something else to do during the baby's nap time.

I am about halfway through the first exercise in the workbook. I am taking it slow, trying to really think about and ponder my answers. Some of them are secretly tricky, I've noticed. I am a little worried about going through the book without an actual group doing it with me. Hopefully this site will suffice for the "support group".

My husband has jumped on the ball a little bit as well. I noticed the other day he only took one spoonful of dinner instead of three. I secretly smiled to myself. He did go back for seconds, but that's okay because in the long run he still ate less than he would have originally.

I am hoping my daughter (6) starts learning to listen to her cues as well. She will keep eating something and say "I'm still hungry". I know she can't still be hungry, but she will cry to get more food. I am hoping she watches me and learns. I fear that DH's children (13 and 14) are a lost cause in this aspect. Especially the 14 year old. He will eat until he's sick just because something "tastes good". They even went home and told their mother that DH and I were "starving them" because we wouldn't let them go back for thirds! Insane. I am really fearful for their future health.

My goals for this week are to find something better to do with my time during the afternoon, finish the first exercise in the workbook, and to pray for my children and their eating habits.


momstheword said...

What book and exercise routine are you doing? I am on a blog with some other gals and we are doing The Shred together.

Here is a link to it if you want to visit us:

We are all trying to exercise and be accountable to one another. Today I had a dipped cone, so you can see that I'm not having a great diet day, lol! Sometimes I just get the munchies!

I already visited your other blog and mentioned about putting in the courtesy link (or you can use the meme button) back to my blog, and thanks for linking up today.

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

I have been doing the Eden Diet - basically it's about listening to our body's cues on how to eat (only eat when you're hungry).

I will have to look into The Shred - I've never heard about it before, but it certainly sounds interesting.

I will absolutely add your link to my site - thank you! : )

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I have been eating together because I was bored or just had a sweets craving, not because I was hungry. Bad me, lol!

Our Walmart always has tons of people there. It doesn't matter whether it's day or night. It's ridiculously crowded.

~ Nan