Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taking Baby Steps

After months and months of saying we were going to, Ronnie and I have finally started walking together.  We went to the local park, let the six-year-old loose on the playground, stuck the toddler in his stroller and started walking the track.  The track is .16 mile.  About six times around the track is a mile.  I only made it four times around on Tuesday.  I was so disappointed in myself.  Of course, I know that for an almost 300-lb woman (I can't believe I just told the world that) that's really nothing to sniff at, but I know I can do better.  I know I can make that mile.  That is my goal today.  To walk an entire mile on that track.  That's six times around.

That leads me to another point. It's important to make goals. When we don't, we have nothing to strive for.  And without that, what's the point?  We need to set goals every day to be successful.  A goal might be to walk for 15 minutes or to drink four glasses of water instead of two.  Even to incorporate a fruit into your meal plan for the day, or eat a salad.  Small goals can make HUGE changes. Here's the thing though - don't go too grandiose with it.  Sometimes people make the mistake of making goals that there is NO way they can reach.  Such as a person that has never exercised in her life making the goal to run a 5K the next day.  Or a person to completely change their eating habits 100% that week.  Those goals aren't attainable for most people (don't start throwing stuff at me - I said MOST people.  If you are one of those people that can do these things, then bully for you.  Please email me your secret). Small goals - baby steps as Fly Lady Marla Cilley says.  One baby step a day.  For me, I had one baby step on Tuesday.  To walk.  I didn't give myself a limit on how long or far, just to do it.  Today, my baby step is to set that goal of length.  I was able to walk four laps Tuesday, there's no reason I can't walk at least five today - but my real goal is six.  Tomorrow, my baby step will be something else.  Day by day.  Hour by hour.  Minute by minute.

Change takes time.  It won't happen overnight. It CAN'T happen overnight, or it won't stick.  This is a problem I've had in the past, and one that I still struggle every day to overcome in so many areas.  Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.  Eventually, I'll get there.

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